Kal Hamara Hai – 1959


“Kal Hamara Hai” (1959) – a social drama – starring Madhubala and Bharat Bhushan was one of my dad’s most ambitious projects. It was an intense social drama with a strong message that aimed at reinforcing our duties as good citizens to help us improve the socio-economic conditions of our country.


Though “Kal Hamara Hai” did not do very well at the box-office, it is on the top of my list as one of my most favourite movies produced by my father. In my opinion, it was made before its time. It is a very thought-provoking socially conscious movie.  The circumstances depicted in the movie, poverty, corruption, social injustice & terrorism are still applicable in today’s society and in fact on a much larger global scale at present.






Madhubala played a double role in “Kal Hamara Hai”.
One of a simple, devoted daughter, Madhu, and the other, as her fun-loving beautiful sister, Bela.




http://www.hindigeetmala.net/movie/kal hamara hai.htm



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K.Amarnath siblings: Satish-Mohan-Manju-Madhu in a scene from “Kal Hamara Hai”


YouTube Link for : “Gham Ki Badli Mein Chamakta”


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Madhubala was the leading lady in two of K.Amarnath’s movies – Beqasoor (1950) and Kal Hamara Hai (1959)

Below: Madhubala in a scene from Kal Hamara Hai



Tribute to Madhubala – YouTube Video


Ghar se to cut Chuka Patta


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April 8/2020


Tribute to Producer/Director K.Amarnath – Scenes of Patriotism from his Films


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Most of the movies produced by my dad, K.Amarnath were all directed by him, excepting for the two below:
Kal Hamara Hai – 1959 – directed by S.K.Prabhakar
Bada Admi – 1961 – directed by his brother-in-law – Kaushal Raj Batra (web-post link on this website)


Remembering S.K.Prabhakar

S.K.Prabhakar was a thorough gentleman, a visionary and a patriot. He used to come over to our place nearly every evening with our dad, K.Amarnath. They used to spend hours discussing stories and scripts – he was excellent in Urdu. He worked with my dad in most of his movies – 4 of them have S.K. Prabhakar’s name in the movie credits – Bada Bhai (1957)Kal Hamara Hai (1959) Ishaara (1964) and Woh Din Yaad Karo (1971) (released posthumously).

He was married to Madhubala’s sister, Chanchal, and in fact, passed away at a young age of the same cardiac ailment as Madhubala – ventricular septal defect (hole in the heart).

He was an excellent story writer and most of his stories were based on improving the situation of India at that time.

Actor Manoj Kumar was very strongly influenced by S.K.Prabhakar’s humanitarian, social and political views.  In fact, Manoj Kumar has also stated that “Bharat” – the hero of his movie Upkaar was inspired by “Bharat”, the hero of “Kal Hamara Hai”.

On March 18, 2008, I had the opportunity to attend “Madhubala’s Commemorative Postage Stamp Inauguration Ceremony” in Mumbai. Manoj Kumar who was the chief guest also remembered S.K. Prabhakar in his speech when reminiscing about coming to Ranjit Studios to especially watch Madhubala during the shooting of “Kal Hamara Hai”.

S.K.Prabhakar was very close to our family and was like an uncle to us.

He was also an excellent Astrologer.

May his Soul rest in Peace

Thank you Gopal Pillai ji – administrator of Kalyan Music Club, for remembering the multi-faceted artist –  Story/ Screenplay/ Dialogue Writer, Editor & Director, S.K.Prabhakar on his birth anniversary, September 25, 2019.


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UPDATED: 2018 / 2019 / 2020

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