K. Amarnath had a keen ear for melodious music and was fully involved with the lyricists, music directors and singers, in the composition & rendition of the songs for his movies.  Songs were the ultimate expression of feelings and in fact, they carried the story forward or were kind of a comic relief.

One of the highlights of K.Amarnath’s movies was the beautiful picturization of these songs penned by numerous wonderful lyricists set to pleasing tunes by some of the greatest music directors of the Hindi film industry.

K.Amarnath also used typical folk songs (mostly in Punjabi) that would create the exact cultural atmosphere and do complete justice in tragic situations, such as in his classic movies, Mirza Sahiban (1947) and Laila Majnu (1953).

The average number of songs in his movies was about 9 per movie.

From a total of 280 songs (1936-1971), there are about 150 wonderful songs available online at present.

Below are some evergreen classic songs from his movies: 


“Tasveer Banata Hoon” – Bara-Dari – 1955 – sung by Talat Mahmood

“Meri Neendon Mein Tum” – Naya Andaz – 1956 – sung by Kishore Kumar & Shamshad Begum

Chori chori dil ka lagana – Bada Bhai – 1957 – sung by Asha Bhosle & Talat Mahmood

Muft Huye Badnaam – Baraat – 1960 – sung by Mukesh

Ankhiyan Sang Ankhiyaan Lagee Aaj” – Bada Admi – 1961 – sung by Mohammad Rafi

Dil Bekarar Sa Hai – Ishaara – 1964 – sung by Mohammad Rafi 

Dil Bekarar Sa Hai – Ishaara – 1964 – sung by Lata Mangeshkar


Mohammed Rafi always “considered” his chorus singing with G.M.Durrani for the song “aji dil ho kaaboo mein to dildaar ki aisi taisi ” from “Gaon ki Gori” (1945), music by Shyam Sunder, to be his first Hindi Film song.

Lata Mangeshkar had listed “Sajan ki Galiyan Chhod Chale” from “Bazar” (1949), as one of her ten best songs.


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