Welcome to my website in honour of my father

K. Amarnath - Indian Movie Producer/Director


“Hello & Namaste”

I am Manju Amarnath Das, daughter of K. Amarnath



On behalf of my family, I would like to give this “long over-due” tribute to our father.

It was a very nostalgic project – I knew it would be!

In a way, it was also very exciting as I searched for copies of his movies worldwide.

It took me nearly ten years to find 14 of his movies! I enjoyed watching each and every one of them.

Some of the movies I remembered, and some,  fortunately, I got to see for the very first time. 

All the hard work he had done all his life was right here before my eyes!

To keep our father’s memory alive,

I have input all the information available,

His filmography, movie songs, movie clips, posters & pictures and trivia facts associated with him,

All under one website:


Thank you for visiting this website.

Dedicated to All my Family & Friends and to Papaji !


K. Amarnath – “Papaji”

“Always on our Minds - Forever in our Hearts”

December 1st 1914 – May 14th 1983


    PUBLISHED: 14th MAY 2013 - - Author & Admin: Manju Amarnath Das