14th May 2015

“Remembering our dad, K.Amarnath, today
With some prayers from his movies.”


MAY 14 - 2015 - COLLAGE - FINAL


Last month, through social media, I got in touch with FazlurRehman Sheikh,
a very good friend and classmate of my brother, Satish.
Fazlu remembered having met my father on quite a few occasions and he specially remembered that
my father was very fond of reciting Urdu poetry to him.


One of the Urdu couplets Fazlu remembers my father quoting was:


“Masjid to bana di shab bhar mein eimaan ke haraarat waalon ne
man apna puraana paapi hai – barson mein namaazi ban na sakaa.”


Fazlu added that Satish had also learnt this couplet and used to recite it sometimes to him while remembering our dad.



Couplet in Urdu-frame



The poet here is expressing a deep philosophical view that sacred institutions of worship,
like the masjid, mandir, church, gurduwara etc. can be built in a day,
but it will take years to overcome the sinful nature of man.


Going to a holy place is not enough, we need to apply the holy teachings in our everyday lives.




Ranjan Sain also reminisced today about the Ganesh Chaturthi gatherings at our place.
“I remember very well the days we used to spend in your house during Ganesh Chaturthi with bhajans going on and I used to sometimes play the Dholki (hand drum). One such evening, Uncle asked me to sing a bhajan and I sang ‘Darshan do Ghanshyam nath mori akhiyaan pyaasi re’ for him.”


“So many memories ….. May God bless his soul.”




I learnt from my uncle, Baldev Batra that my father grew up in 2 cities since his parents had 2 homes, one in Krishna Gali, Lahore and the other in Mianwali.

Though my uncle was a very small boy at that time, he has some fleeting memories of meeting my father when he had come to Lahore from Bombay to get married. 

My uncle remembers his fatherly and caring attitude towards him.

My uncle has requested me to mention that he greatly appreciates my hard work and dedication involved in the making of this amazing website tribute to my dad, K.Amarnath – “it has brought him back to life” – my uncle said with lots of fond memories for all those who remember him.


“We miss you Papaji and now we miss you too, Billu (Satish).”




My father, K.Amarnath, was a religious, humanistic and a secular person – all in one!


In his movies, very often, the oppressed and victimized characters always found strength in prayers and worship.


“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”  Lord Alfred Tennyson


Below are some links to the religious/imploring songs picturized in the movies directed by my dad:




Bhagwan Bhagat Bina Tu – Bada Bhai (1957)


Mohan Main Ek Bhatka Raahi- Baraat (1960)


Salle Allah Zulf Kali Kali – Kabli Khan (1963)


Bansi Ki Madhur – Gaon Ki Gori (1945)


Mere Bhagwan Tu Mujhko – Bazar (1949)


Yeh Jaan Yeh Imaan – Laila Majnu – (1953)

YouTube Link


Straight line between each comment


Straight line between each comment