K.Amarnath – Indian Film Producer/Director

1st December 1914 – 14th May 1983




Our Thoughts on Our Dad’s 30th Death Anniversary

“Death ends a Life, not a Relationship”

Our Parents will always be Our Parents for the rest of our lives !

Remembering both,  “PAPAJI & MUMMY” today

“Always on our Minds, Forever in our Hearts”


Satish – Manmohan – Manju – Madhu


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14th May 2013

Tributes & Comments from Family & Friends

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Remembering K.Amarnath

He carried with him an air of respectability – no nonsense – and also a tin of his favourite brand of “555” cigarettes. In his daily attire of pure silk shirt and white Makhan Jeans pants, with his permanent small lock of grey hair only in the forefront, gave him a singularly distinguished personality.

He “commanded and received immense respect” from the film industry. One such incident which I happened to witness, almost 66 years back, as a small boy, comes back to me from down the memory lane.
It was on the sets of “Mirza Sahiban” (1947) – an intense love story ending in a tragedy on the lines of “Heer Ranjha”. Hero and Shero, Trilok Kapoor and Noor Jehan were rehearsing for the song “ Haath Seene Pe Rakh Do” – a duet song sung by Noor Jehan & Durrani.

At this stage, when K.Amarnath entered the sets, everything – the song, the technicians, the rehearsal – came to a standstill. Trilok Kapoor and Noor Jehan stood up and “saluted” him most respectfully. A trend, sadly, not seen today in the film industry.

His appreciation and encouragement for his actors and the entire crew at “the end of every successful final take” came spontaneously – “Hollywood !! Hollywood !! ” – That was at the time when the word “Bollywood” was not even coined.

Many a times I have heard his voice in the studios, “Silence, Lights, Sound, Camera, Action”. It now resonates through your website but now without Camera & Action – only “Silence”.

This was Bhaiyajee Ki Amar Kahani!

My homage to my brother-in-law would be incomplete without my sister, Sumitra, coming into the big picture. They complemented each other. It was her sudden, sad and untimely demise that resulted in a big void and impacted the rest of his life from which he never recovered till this date, 30 years ago when he breathed his last.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – Let Peace Prevail !

“Baldy” (As you fondly called me!)

Baldev Raj Batra



Outstanding Tribute, Manju  – well done!

Neelam Batra

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Such a lovely tribute Manju..

My memories of uncle and times spent with him are still so clear. He had an aura of charm and grandeur around him and at the same time was so playful with all the children. All the children vied with each other to be the 1st to be lifted up by him! I so clearly remember my last visit to his house. I wanted to stay on a bit longer….. Our bye byes would just not end till the car moved away and he was not visible anymore.
I will always cherish in my heart and mind all those moments that we have spent together.

Miss you uncle… Love u always.

Sanchali (Batra) Nanda

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“A great tribute to a great man” !

Vikrant Batra

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As I go down memory lane, tears of happy memories fog my eyes. Now at the age of 69, I recall the great privilege I had in having known, “Uncle Amarnath” as he was fondly known. My mother and I lived opposite the Amarnath family in Shivaji Park, Mumbai and since all of us kids studied in Bombay Scottish School, I was good friends with the Amarnath children. Though we came from a very ordinary background, Uncle was always warm, unassuming and kind in many ways, especially towards my mother who was a teacher at the school, and suffered from arthritis. Uncle gave his car drivers standing instructions to drop Miss (as she was known) by car to School every morning, sometimes having to make a double trip, such was his humbleness.

Ranjit Studios in Dadar – Uncle’s second home, was a place no one can forget. The filming of “Bada Bhai” was in progress on the sets and we youngsters were unaware of having made some noise, resulting in a re–shoot, Uncle only asked us to be a “little quiet” such was his gentleness and while the crew was getting ready for the re-shoot, Kamini Kaushal the actress, sang for us “Que Sera Sera” – whatever will be, will be !!!

However, nothing will be quite the same !!!

Lawrence Hardinge
Church Manager & Co-ordinator
Pavement School

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The photograph and name on this Web page mean only one word to me “Uncle”. That is what I called him and will always remember him as.
I watched “Scaramouche” (1952 movie starring Stewart Granger) with this famous Hindi movie producer, and all us kids went crazy sword fighting till someone yelled to stop it. Little did we realize that it would give him an idea for a future movie.
Fell down the stairs once and remember Uncle coming down, picking me up and laying me down on the sofa and Auntie stayed with me till I stopped crying.
He always had some new gadget at home. We were sooo impressed with this bottle where after filling it with water, a cartridge got screwed on and there was Soda water to go with his Scotch.

So Uncle, here is to your memory as I toast you with “Johnny Walker with Soda and Ice”.
In loving memory.

Anil Sain

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My memories of Amarnath Uncle and the entire family for the past many decades are etched in my mind. Since I was a child I remember Amarnath Uncle as a man with a great personality. I cannot forget even today – the off-white Bosky shirt and White cotton starched trousers with a round box of “555 cigarettes” in hand and getting out of his big blue and white Dodge Car. I used to look forward to my mother taking us to Shivaji park every week and spending the entire evening with the family. I am filled with fond memories of my childhood and teenage years spent with the family. I remember when I was in the 8th or 9th standard and I decided to become an actor. Every day I used to pray that when I grow up I will join the film industry and become a hero. One day my dad told him about my dream. I very clearly remember Uncle telling me – “You become 5′-10″ tall and finish your graduation and I will make you a hero”. I was fine with the height part of it but not the graduation. Anyway I could not say anything either to him or to my parents. After that I started doing pull-ups everyday for the next 3 years so that I gain height at least and worry about graduation later.

I remember having spent many evenings sitting with him on the terrace listening to his stories about various actors and films that he made. I am amazed at the number of films that he made at a very young age and above all, the beautiful songs of his various films and not to forget the chance given by him to a number of artists and technicians who became famous later.

“May God bless his soul.”

Ranjan Sain


Manju, I don’t have words to praise you enough for creating such a beautiful website.  All the fantastic hard work and the thinking that you have put in shows in every line that you have written. Truly a great work and wonderful job which will last for generations to come.

Congratulations. You deserve a standing ovation.

Ranjan & Urvashi Sain


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A super tribute!

Rajiv Sain

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………Just visited Late K. Amarnathji’s website (tribute)……. It’s an Eye Opener for a Film Analyst like me or any Film Critic or Film Fraternity member ! What an amazing genius and passionate film maker! Hats Off to Him and a Big Salute to Him For All His Success and Achievements! Amarnathji deserves huge accolades, honours and respectful recognition from the Indian Film Industry in particular and the entire world in general! It’ll be my privilege to join hands with you in offering our services in extending world wide tributes to The Great K. Amarnathji in the best possible way! ………let’s take it further & help the world learn & gain through his historical works and achievements.

Rajeev Chaudhri{Raju}

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Thank you, Manju, for re-introducing us to your dad’s great movies and wonderful songs. I remember from my school days, your sprawling house on Shivaji Park beach, always buzzing with activity and people. Your mother maintained an open house – there was always so much fun and laughter. Both your parents were so generous, loving and affectionate – and also very religious – remember attending the Ganpati pujas held at your place.

Wonderful memories. Great tribute to your father!

Bella Anand

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Great tribute Manju. Hats off to you! It will definitely keep your father’s memory alive. It feels like you are conveying your father’s message to the world through his beautiful movies and beautiful sounding songs which are like flowers blooming in the garden.


Rashida Khan Sidiki

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What a beautiful tribute! Your dad would be proud of you. You are very lucky to have such a great father. Though they are physically absent, they are still around us and we can feel their presence all the time.

God Bless.

Reena Rao

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Excellent way to fill the emptiness in many hearts. Great job Maasi. Alka was there in May 1983 when the soul left his body for eternal journey. I was not fortunate to meet him during his lifetime. Today after visiting the website I felt I have known him. I could meet him today. My eyes are wet and heart is glad. What a tribute! Hats Off!
With warm regards!

Sanjay Sachdeva

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Wonderful Manju, Congrats!
You worked very hard. It shows how much you love your family and your special love towards your dad and his accomplishments…..


Mohini and Ravi Dwivedi

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Your tribute is a treasure of golden memories – truly a unique work. I admire how you have put your Heart, Mind, Intellect and Soul in this project. Your family will be proud of you.

Camera, Lights, Action – Bollywood’s got a real pearl in K.Amarnath.

Veena & Maya Shankar Agnihotri

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Excellent website tribute, very good work indeed!

Pratap & Shashi Mehrotra

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I still remember my Buaa (aunty) taking me to see Mirza Sahiban and also seeing Bara Dari in my teens….

I have saved your dad’s website on my Word Collection.

Munawar Merchant


I am very pleased and impressed – it’s great to honour a famous parent.

Munawar, an Indian film buff always talks about your dad’s movies.

Iona (Bunty) Natarajan

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A great tribute and effort by a dear daughter to a great father… congrats…

Kuldip Mundy

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Thanks for sharing the tribute to your late father with me!  Truly, his is a life worth celebrating!!

Kinh Quach

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Well done Manju . ……. Bless you for the effort…….

Gautam Dhawan

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Wow! Congrats! Truly a labour of love. ……..
Loved the picture of all of you at the muhurat – and the posters!

Usha (Hegde) Banerjee

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Job Well Done Manju!!

Jimmy Batliwala

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Manju, you did a beautiful tribute to your dad. He’d be very proud!

Trish Cull

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Great work Manju!

Tarjinder Rayat

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Just went thru your father’s memorial website ……… I recognized many names…….. Wow, that’s amazing!.
Niloofer Irani

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Manju job well done…I recognized a couple of movies,…… very nice of you to take the initiative to make such a nice site for your father. Lot of work put into it. …….. very nice of you to share your father’s site. Bravo!!

Nisha Kapoor

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Very interesting! We love to watch Indian movies ……High-Five for a job well done, Manju !!!

Arpad & Rose Slancik

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….. such a profound tribute …………..the melodies and the sonorous orotund voices that have been mentioned are the everlasting and immortal memories of those whom your Dad gave the opportunities, as well as his confidence in those artisans, that are so familiar on the Silver Screen and are immortalized today!

Thanks for sharing.

God bless!

Rajkumar Borrison (Raju)

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Manju, your tribute to your dad is amazing. Thank you for sharing it with me.

May his memory and his good name live on forever!

Nouchine Mazhar

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One incident stands out in Alak’s mind and that was during the shooting of “Woh Din Yaad Karo”. A dancing Mehmood had to fade in and out of a magic scene. Silence on the sets was important. Cameras started to roll. Suddenly a voice rang out, “Cut!” K.Amarnath had stopped the shot since he had heard a soft chuckle from the side lines – no one else had heard it ! A penchant for perfection had honed Mr. Amarnath’s ability to hear & see to a degree that getting past it was nearly impossible. This gift along with all his movie-making skills stood him in good stead throughout his career in the Indian film industry making him one of the most sought after directors of his time.

Alak also remembers having lunch with K.Amarnath and his sons (his childhood school friends). K.Amarnath had given specific instructions that all friends visiting the sets to have lunch with them.

Alak learned that K.Amarnath was not only a great director but a great host too since he took good care of all visitors to his sets !!

Regarding the website – your in-depth research shows in the result. Well done!

Thanks for sharing.

Purabi & Alak Das

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It was always a pleasure to meet Uncle whenever we visited Bombay. A lunch at Bombay Gymkhana with the entire Das khandan was a MUST and he was a genial host. He was a legend in his life time. I consider myself fortunate to have known such a personality.

Jyoti Prakash Singh

………………..I was very lucky to have dined with him at the CCI club Mumbai – he was so handsome – good job, Manju – a loving tribute.

Geeta (Das) Singh

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Great tribute Manju, brought tears to my eyes. On our trip to India in 1978, your dad took all of us to CCI for lunch – we had a wonderful time.

May his soul rest in peace.

Anjali (Das) Mukherjee

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……….it’s amazing.. great job di – well done!

Rachna (Batra) Ahuja

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Nice work! Your efforts are showing through!

Suchitra Batra

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Great job and tribute!

Savi Dhamija

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Uncle was a very soft spoken and gem of a person…………………..Manju, really appreciate your tribute of sweet memories of his great contribution to the Indian cinema.

Chandra Bhushan

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Great compilation ……… my best compliments.

Venkat Raghavan   –  (Indian Navy)

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…………. Shows how much attachment and adulation u all had for him.


Ajit Singh Tomar


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Tooooo Goood ! Your father was a hero – looked like a hero & made such lovely movies. I am lucky to have seen his movies – Bara Dari & Naya Andaz. My favourite songs to which I hum too – Meri Neendo & Tasveer Banata Hoon.

“Hats Off ” to Manju for compiling as a tribute to your Dad’s 30th anniversary. Very good job done. I shall save it to my library.

God Bless!

Meena (Sharma) Ahuja

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Excellent effort !!!!
Lots of hard work which will always be appreciated by posterity.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart .

Madhu (Amarnath)  & Deepak Sharma

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Tremendous effort!
I will always cherish the flickering memories I have of Nanaji.

Thank you for immortalizing him for future generations.

Grand daughter – Sameera (Sharma) Rattansay

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Great Job Aunty!

Grandson – Samarjeet Sharma

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As we pay tribute to our Grandfather’s legacy, this web-site has allowed us to learn more and discover who K. Amarnath was and the impact he had on the Bollywood movie industry.

As we browse through the collection of movie titles and songs, it gives us an insight into his generation. This web-site will allow our children and future generations to keep his memory and works alive.

Grandson, David & Vinita Das & Great Grand-daughter, Amaya Das

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Thanks Mom for creating this website. I know now why I love watching Hollywood Movies – I inherited it from my grandfather!!

Grandson, Alex Das

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Great website! Very interesting learning about my grandfather’s history and accomplishments.

It’s also great to see his movies are available for everyone to watch online!

Proud grandson, Steve Das

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In 1981 I received a telegram (cable) from my father-in-law sending me his best wishes on my birthday.

I was surprised to find that Manju had treasured the cable for so many years, just as she has treasured the memories of her father.

Cherishing his memories!

Arun Das




Thanking  all my family & friends for their wonderful comments & responses as contribution to this Post.
14th May  2013

Manju Amarnath Das


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PUBLISHED: 14th MAY 2013

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